Read Next Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice explains what data is collected by Read Next, and how it is handled.

Data Collected By Read Next

Read Next collects the website addresses (URLs) and titles of the web pages that you add to your reading list.

Use of Your Data

The above data will be used by Read Next to provide you with a list of web page links that you can revisit at your convenience.

Your reading list data will never be given away or sold to anyone, and it will not be used for marketing, statistical analysis, user surveillance or any other purpose.

How Your Data Is Stored

The reading list data is stored in a database file located in your Firefox user profile folder.

If reading list synchronization is turned on from Read Next preferences, a copy of the most up-to-date reading list data is stored in your cloud file host (in Dropbox, it can be found under the folder path /Apps/Read Next). The data in the sync file is only available to your devices where Firefox and Read Next are installed and reading list sync is turned on. The synced reading list data is sent using Secure HTTP, which encrypts your data while in transit.

Your Rights

You can delete your data at any time. Any link to a web page that you add to your reading list can be removed from the Read Next sidebar. The locally-stored reading list data is automatically deleted when Read Next is uninstalled. If reading list sync is turned on, the sync data can be removed by deleting the /Apps/Read Next folder in Dropbox.

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