Add-on Permissions

When adding Clippings to Firefox, you may be asked if you want to grant permission for Clippings to perform certain operations.

This page explains the meaning of each requested permission, and why they are needed.

Access your data for all websites
This permission is necessary for Clippings to be able to create a new clipping from selected text on a web page, or from text in a web page textbox, of any website.
NOTE: Clippings will not work on the Firefox Add-ons website.
Exchange messages with programs other than Firefox
If you are using the Sync Clippings feature, this permission enables Clippings to connect to the Sync Clippings Helper application so that it can sync the clippings that appear under the Synced Clippings folder to a sync file on your system.
Download files and read and modify the browser's download history
Your clippings can be exported in a variety of file formats from Clippings Manager. This permission enables the ability to save the export files to your system by using the browser's download capabilities to create the export file.
Access browsing history
This permission is necessary so that Clippings can prevent cluttering your browser history with entries for the Clippings windows and dialogs, such as the New Clipping dialog and the Clippings Manager window.
Display notifications to you
If backup reminders are turned on from Clippings preferences, this permission allows the notifications to appear, reminding you to back up your clippings.
Access browser tabs
This permission is required so that Clippings can get the web address (URL) of the web page in a browser tab, so that it can save that along with a new clipping, if the option to save its source web page address was selected in the New Clipping dialog.

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