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Sync Clippings lets you synchronize a subset of your clippings between Firefox and Thunderbird, or other instances of those applications.

Getting Started

Download and install the Sync Clippings Helper application. Refer to the "Get the Sync Clippings Helper App" sidebar on the right.

Choose a folder location on your system where your Sync Clippings data file will be stored. This location needs to be accessible to the applications you want to sync your clippings with. The folder path will be needed when turning on Sync Clippings, as described below.

Using Sync Clippings

Turn on Sync Clippings from Clippings preferences:

Once Sync Clippings is turned on, a special "Synced Clippings" folder will appear in the clippings and folders tree list in the New Clipping dialog and Clippings Manager. You can choose which clippings you want to sync by creating, moving or copying them into the Synced Clippings folder.

The Synced Clippings folder in Clippings Manager.
The Synced Clippings folder in the folder drop-down menu of the New Clipping dialog.

Clippings will automatically push the changes to your synced clippings every time you add, edit or delete a clipping or subfolder under the Synced Clippings folder.

To get the most up-to-date synced clippings and folders, open Clippings Manager, then click the Reload button to the right of the Synced Clippings folder.

Things You Should Know About

Frequently-Asked Questions

I have Firefox installed on multiple machines on a network. How do I sync my clippings between them?

Install the Sync Clippings Helper application on those machines that you want to sync your clippings with. Then set the sync file location to a shared folder on the network, or to a folder on those machines that is synced by a file sync application such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

I don't need to synchronize my clippings. Do I still need to install the Sync Clippings Helper app?

No. The Sync Clippings Helper application is only needed if you are synchronizing your clippings between Firefox and Thunderbird, or between multiple instances of those applications.

How do I uninstall Sync Clippings Helper?

See the help topic: Uninstall Sync Clippings Helper.