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Welcome to Clippings!  This brief tutorial will help you get familiar with the basics of Clippings for Firefox and Thunderbird.

Creating a New Clipping

There are two easy ways to create a new clipping:

  1. From a text box or browser content area in Firefox. Select the text you want, then right-click and choose ClippingsNew.
    Hint: If you want the entire contents of a text box, you don’t need to select all – it will be picked up automatically.
  2. Screen shot of creating a new clipping from selected text in Firefox.
    Creating a new clipping from selected text in Firefox.
  3. From the message compose window in Thunderbird. Select the desired text, then right-click and choose ClippingsNew From Selection.

The New Clipping dialog will then appear. From here, you can give the clipping a descriptive name and choose a folder where you want to save it to.

Screen shot of the New Clipping dialog
The New Clipping dialog.

Pasting a Clipping

In Firefox, to paste a clipping into a text box on a web page, right-click on the text box and choose the clipping to paste from the Clippings menu.

Screen shot of Clippings menu in Firefox
Pasting a Clippings entry into a blog editor.

In Thunderbird, right-click on the body of the message compose window:

Screen shot of Clippings menu in Mozilla Thunderbird
Pasting a clipping in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Managing Clippings

Use Clippings Manager to edit, rename or delete clippings, or organize your clippings collection into folders. You can also import or export your clippings from Clippings Manager.

To open Clippings Manager, do one of the following:

Screen shot of Clippings Manager window
The Clippings Manager window.

Hint: Editing actions such a renaming or modifying clipping contents take effect immediately. To reverse an edit, rename, delete or move action, click the Undo button.

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